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Can I Place An Order Online?

     No, but you can arrange a meeting.

Why Don't You Sell Online?

     We believe that gold jewelry is too personal item to buy online, so we don't agree with jeopardizing a successful purchase and a satisfied customer on the account of the possible alterations, and therefore back and forth travels, such a precious item might need until it completely matches your taste.

What Is A Range Price Of Your Services?

     There is no price list because every customer has a different story and so are the demands for it but there is always a way to keep you in willing budget of yours.

​What Are Exactly Your Services?

     Our services are about jewelry industry but more specific here is a list of how we can be useful:

  1. We modify any jewelry of yours.

  2. We create any jewelry design for you.

  3. We exchange any gold jewelry and cash.

  4. We exchange any gold jewelry with retail services or items.

  5. We provide grading reports for any jewelry or gemstone or coin or gold.

  6. We provide certifications for the materials of any jewelry or gemstone or coin or gold.

  7. We provide appraisals for jewelry, gemstones, coins, and gold, for insurance purposes or personal needs.

  8. We provide jewelry expert guidance services for buyers in an auction or open market, worldwide.

  9. We offer consulting services for investing in the gold and diamond markets.

  10. We do gem hunting for challenging orders.

What Are The Returns & Refunds Policy

     Returns and refunds are not accepted.

PS: For any other inquiry please feel free to ask here.

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