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Discovering your Dream Ring is just part of what we do best.

Explore exclusive collections, including Custom-Made and Ready-to-Go pieces. Or, unleash your creativity with our Design-Your-Own service, guided by Dimitris Iordanis Dailoglou.

Your Personal Jewelry Designer.

The Art of Goldsmith since 1976 

Beloved by many....

Products & Services


Explore our Ready-To-Go collection, featuring designs ready for crafting and capable of being customized upon order.


Discover our range of Band Collections, and have a personal consultation with Dimitris Iordanis for a special-order design and casting tailored exclusively for you.

Our Top Customizations

Among thousands of choices from wholesale inventory, we present to you our best picks.

Feel free to customize choices within your budget for building a dream ring.

All Customized Models

All Engagement RIng Models

Build Your Own

Explore our online design collection inventory, powered by AI-Graphics. You can create unlimited choices by adding a diamond or any other gemstone to determine the final cost. It's user-friendly, but if you find yourself lost, schedule a meeting for assistance here.

Build Your Wedding Band

Use our interactive building tool for Wedding Bands and discover every possible design we ever made and even alternates we haven't using AI-powered system in graphics. It's user-friendly but if you need assistance?

Schedule a meeting with us.

Unique blend of passion, tradition and innovation

Dimitris Iordanis Dailoglou

Love in the Art of Goldsmith is what we offer!

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the artistry of your significant life moments. As a certified Gemologist, Designer, and Goldsmith, I am your dedicated jewelry expert, equipped with the skills to transform your cherished occasions into bespoke masterpieces.


Together, we'll craft unique jewelry that not only stands as a testament to your individuality but also preserves the tradition of custom-made pieces for generations to come.


 Dimitris Iordanis Dailoglou

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Your special day must be perfect and unique.
Let's meet in person and discuss your wishes. 


Let us take care of you

A private meeting in person or on-line to discuss your needs

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