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Band Rings

Our Band Ring collection is expertly crafted in-house, allowing us to ensure exceptional quality and attention to detail. Each band is tailored to your preferences, providing a truly personalized and exquisite piece for your special day.


You have the freedom to customize the width and select from a range of 18K/14K Gold options in Yellow, White, Rose, or a blend that perfectly complements your style.

The Circle of Eternal love & devotion

Wedding bands

Crafted in our workshop, our wedding bands can be customized in width and colors of 18K/14K Gold Yellow, White, Rose or any combination of them.

Check our Diamond Wedding rings collection here

Half Bands

Are you more into an alternative "out of the box" promise ring? View some samples of what we can do for you.


You can see the full magnificence  in our Store, where we would be delighted to present our complete assortment in person.

Eternity Bands

Design your own unique proposal ring from scratch or make a choice from our ready-to-go collection. Let's bring your dream ring to life.

For the full experience, visit our Store, where we would be thrilled to showcase our entire collection in person.

Your special day must be perfect and unique.
let's meet in person and discuss your wishes. 

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