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Iordanis's Story

Iordanis, inherited the art of goldsmith from Armenian craftsmen and attended the Sivitaneidios School to complete his education level. Having always full of support by his companion Ifigeneia and after 40-years of development in the field of jewelery they make a family with 4 sons and 3 daughters. Today, taking over the management of the company, we thank our parents for all the values they offered us through this train of life called IORDANIS... 

Since 1976

Iordanis at the age of 19 established IORDANIS Jewelry Workshop in the downtown of Athens. His love of the Golden Art it was his mainly motivation for making him start his own career in jewelry industry.


After few years of  planning & designing his first collection become very fast one of the most recognized tourist jewelry collection inspired by Greek history. Gaining a respectful trust with placements in more than 300 stores all over Greece and Cyprus.


As one of the founding member of the Goldsmiths Association who start the jewelry shows at the Grand Britain Hotel.

Later on was taking

part in wholesaling exhibitions.


Iordanis moved his workshop at the north area of Athens, Chalandri. At the same time he made his first steps in retail since the workshop was located in the main Shopping Cente.


More collections  enriching the kind of designs and this time it was bridal moments that inspired him so the

Wedding Collection

was born.


"Grand Opening"

Appreciating his artistic nature, renowned businessman Andreas Ellinas inaugurates the first retail store of IORDANIS jewelry on the pedestrian street of Chalandri.


Iordanis workshop become a starting and learning point for many of his apprentices, during the time of teaching the art at the silversmith's school.


A name or every name were the inspiration for a jewel, in way to be more personal. Very fast became the new trend all over the country and the biggest secret of this success, was that names made on personal graphic character of Iordanis. The production of names in the wholesale had reached the 80% of all jewelers in Greece. 


A second store was born at the heart of the marketplace Kifissia with Iordanis collections in leading role and high end jewelry of other talented artists from all over the world.


Dimitris Iordanis Dailoglou becomes a member of GIA having acquired six titles “Graduate Gemologist”, “Graduate Diamonds”, “Graduate Colored Stones”, “Accredited Jewelry Professional”, “Pearl Grading Awards” and also holder of the license to practice the Profession of silversmith issued by the Technical Vocational Educational School of Attica and specializes in the craft of silversmith in the field of Applied Arts.


IORDANIS collaborated with some of the best pearls's growers in the world such as MIKIMOTO and PASPALEYS. Having an advantage for it's big selection of all kind of pearls, people used to name the store as pearls center.


IORDANIS at Chalandri was renovated to welcome the upcoming generation, in collaboration with the founder. An original jewelry Atelier for designing and manufacturing jewelry is available to any visitor aiming at maximizing the quality of services.


Time for IORDANIS brothers to make their move. Vangelis Iordanis Dailoglou is dedicated to digital 3D jewelery mashing and a CNS expert, doubling the prospects of the company. Vasilis Daioglou from the School of Commerce Chiefs and after his first trip made a jump in jewelry and gave new air with his talent in sales and public relations.

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