Clarity of a Diamond

Clarity of a diamond

Clarity refers to a stone's charateristics that are internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). The size, number, position, nature, color or relief of those classify the stone in the clarity scale. Clarity scale includes 6 categories and 5 subcategories that makes us eleven deferent levels in the clarity scale ranges from flawless (FL) to diamonds with obvious inclusions (I3). These characteristics in a diamond are unique birthmarks and a by-product of its formation deep within the earth, under extreme heat and pressure. Help us to seperate natural diamonds from synthetics or simulants and also identify individual stones, that's why is good plotting* them. Every diamond is unique. None is absolutely perfect under 10× magnification, though some come close. Diamonds without these birthmarks are rare, and rarity affects a diamond’s value. Most jewelers have never even seen one.