Clarity refers to a stone's charateristics that are internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). The size, number, position, nature, color or relief of those classify the stone in the clarity scale. Clarity scale includes 6 categories and 5 subcategories that makes us eleven deferent levels in the clarity scale ranges from flawless (FL)...

Turquoise is one of the world’s most ancient gems. Archaeological excavations revealed that the rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry, and Chinese artisans were carving it more than 3,000 years ago. Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet, and has long been considered a stone that guarantees health, good fortune, an...

For Thousands of years, cultures around the world have prized coral as a gem and credited this product of the sea with magical powers. First century Romans used it to ward off evil and impart wisdom. It’s still worn in modern-day Italy as protection against the “evil eye” and as a cure for sterility.  There are two types of gem coral. One typ...

Ruby and sapphire are both Corundum varieties. Generally, the difference depends on a combination of hue, tone, and saturation, but market culture and geography also make a difference. Gems that would be considered pink or purple sapphire in the US are often classified and sold as rubies in some Asian countries. It’s important to keep such re...

Not all sapphires are blue, however. It’s a variety of the same species as ruby -corundum- and any corundum that doesn’t qualify as ruby is considered sapphire. Fancy sapphires, as they called, come in violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and intermediate hues. There are also parti-colored sapphires that show a combination of differen...

In Gemology natural gem minerals divided into gem species. A gem species is a broad on chemical composition and crystal structure. The mineral species Beryl is made up of a regular, repeating structure of beryllium, aluminum, oxygen and silicon atoms. Those atoms in the proper arrangement and relative quantities always define that mineral spe...

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